Now in our 30th year of operation, Pacific Utility Audit

is celebrating that milestone by continuing to provide the high-quality FREE utility auditing and onsite inspection services that have allowed it to outlive its hundreds of competitors since 1989.

Operating in California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada, Pacific Utility Audit is able to offer a level of legal expertise and multi-state experience not available from any remaining competition.

  • We Work For You

    Pacific Utility Audit specializes in locating and correcting utility billing errors and overcharges.

  • No Risk – It’s Free!

    Our fee is a percentage of your refunds or utility savings. There is no charge without results.

  • Our Success Rate Says It All

    9 out of every 10 customers we audit are paying too much for their utilities.

  • We are Experts

    Since 1989, we have focused exclusively on utility auditing and utility on-site inspections by qualified field representatives – this is where the most utility errors are found!

Utility bills are thought of as uncontrollable expenses, but now with proper monitoring, these costs can be controlled. All clients can benefit from this service and have the right to have qualified personnel helping them. Utility bills will always be with us. It is Pacific Utility Audit’s job to make sure that you are charged only for your fair share of them!

Erin Kelly, Director of Operations

What we can do for you

Determine whether or not you are entitled to refunds as a result of utility company overcharges, and secure those refunds for you... retroactively.

Enable you to enjoy on-going utility savings as you avoid needless overcharges and utility billing errors in the years ahead.

Obtain the lowest possible water, sewer, telephone, trash, gas and electric utility bills in the future.

How we do it

We schedule an onsite inspection of your property or business.

We check your utility rates, equipment and utility usage.

We locate utility billing errors and overcharges.

We handle all communication with your utility companies to ensure that you receive any refunds that are due, and to verify the correction of all utility billing errors.

We secure the lowest utility rates available for all of your future utility bills.

How we get paid

We get paid only if we perform. There are no hourly or retainer charges for our services. If we secure refunds or credit adjustments for you, we receive 50% of those refunds or credit adjustments after we verify that you received them.

We invoice you monthly or quarterly for 50% of any actual utility savings based on your actual utility bills.

There is no charge for our service unless we obtain a refund or lower utility costs.