Managers: Utility Rate Increases for 2017 Budgets!!

Aug 15, 2016 |

Managers:  Utility Rate Increases For 2017 Budgets!!Increasing Costs







Board members and homeowners look to community managers for professional guidance on managing their associations for long-term sustainability and sound economic advice.  As October, 2016 approaches, it is budget review and approval time for most businesses and associations.


To help you with your utility budgets for next year, here is a quick recap of major west coast utility company rate changes for 2017:



The first rate adjustment became effective on April 15, 2016. The second adjustment will take effect on July 1, 2016.  For all customer sectors, including residential, commercial and industrial customers, the average annual rate adjustments are 3.86% for power and 5.26% for water over the rate adjustment period.   For high water users (27 HCF), monthly costs will go up $11.05, or 7.2%, on average each year. 

NV ENERGY No rate increases expected.
PG&E The annual average cost increase for electricity will be 5% and the annual average cost increase for gas will be 10%.
PACIFIC POWER No rate increases expected.
PORTLAND GENERAL ELECTRC No rate increases expected.
PUGET SOUND ENERGY 2.5% annual average cost increase.
SDG&E 5% annual average cost increase for both electricity and gas.
SIERRA PACIFIC POWER COMPANY No rate increases expected.
SOUTHERN CA GAS COMPANY 5% annual average cost increase.
SOUTHERN CA EDISON COMPANY 3 – 5% annual average cost increase.














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