Utility Companies Make Mistakes – Why?

Feb 26, 2016 |





  • Lack of Expertise – Employees not up to date on all changes, new rates, data input errors, employee turnover, etc.


  • Too Small Staff & Budget – Too many projects, inadequate personnel to cover service area and number of customers and calls, cannot read meters every month, etc.


  • No Compensation for Reporting Mistakes & Errors More work with no reward.


  • Predetermined Opinion by Utility & Telephone Employee Customer does not know what they are talking about, customer
    always complains, etc.


  • Misinformation – Utility employees not briefed on new billing rates or rate options for customers, utility employees not
    updated on new billing system or data input procedures, etc.


  • Inadequate Company Supervision – Utility company has never been legally challenged, is utilizing outdated laws and procedures, etc.

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