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  • How To Audit Your Own Residential Utility Bills


    Since 1989, Pacific Utility Audit, Inc. has been providing utility auditing service for clients on the west coast that spent $2,500.00 or more each month on their utility expenses.  Obviously, this eliminated most residential customers.  However, the percentage of utility billing errors for residential accounts is the same as for business accounts:  90% of all residential utility bills are either billed incorrectly, or can be reduced simply by changing rate schedules or by alternative billing methods!  We have heard thousands of complaints and horror stories from people about their residential utility bills since 1989, but it was simply not cost effective for us to audit these residential accounts.
    Our solution:  a "Do it Yourself" utility auditing book for homeowners and renters!  In this book you will learn, via our proven step-by-step process, how to audit your own residential water, sewer, gas, electric, telephone and trash utility bills.   Whether you are a homeowner or renter in the United States, this book will teach you what you need to know to obtain refunds or credit adjustments from your utility providers for prior overcharges, how to identify alternative billing methods or rate schedules that will lower your monthly utility bills, and how to take control of your utility expenses in the future! 




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